Aurelio Arago Memorial National High School Alumni Association

We all stand together...

Time and incidence call for our commitment

The recently held Grand Alumni Homecoming - first, as it was called - last December 23, 2009 marked the incipience of Aurelio Arago Memorial National High School Alumni Association to lay its foundation for long term viability. Organized informally with three members acting as ad hoc committee, the association successfully completed through election process its final roster of officers that will assume the managing, leading and staffing charges for three-year term. READ MORE

AAMNHSAA contends to be proactive, visible and sustainable organization

By the accumulated leadership prowess of its appointed officers and through the encouragement of akin stakeholders, the AAMNHSAA will strive to be bounded with an immense base of enthusiastic, eager and loyal alumni. It will carry out relevant programs and projects on a sustained basis and will stand to generate ample resources through projects and through funding aids from alumni and other donors here and abroad. Collection of membership dues will now be imposed as a primary mean of fund sourcing.

The AAMNHSAA will implement programs and activities as well as special projects which, some of them, will be permanently adopted.  First among the list is the conduct of regular annual reunion and homecoming which will be held in the month of December or April. The Board will bring the matter to a much defined discussion in order to justify the choices and vote for which is suitable. On this occasion, the annual general membership meeting will also be held alongside related activities that will savor the event. Annual awards will be given to distinguished alumni for a remarkable accomplishment earned and exemplary service rendered to the association, the school, the community and the country. Special Awards will also be granted to deserving teachers who imparted much on the learning development of the students and awards and recognition earned by a student in a specific competition under his/her coaching task or instruction. The Leadership Award will be conferred to both alumni and teachers. The Board will fix the criteria for selecting a candidate for an award. By doing this in the long run, AAMNHSAA will always appreciate, identify and recognize unsung achievers who are leaving tracks of virtuous deeds for others to emulate. READ MORE

The AAMNHS Pioneers: (From left to right) Macario B. Masagca, Jr., Melgar G. Fadriquelan, Marilyn Muji-Glass and Efraim S. Gutierrez. Sir Victor D. Gardoce and Sir. Edgardo J. Villarba (seated from left to right) .

Madame Marilyn Muji Glass message during the 16th Commencement Exercises of the Aurelio Arago Memorial National High School

Thank you Mr. Fadriquelan. Mr. Renato M. Pastorfide, Chief Administrative Officer-DepEd Region IV-B MIMAROPA. Sangguniang Kabataan Municipal Federation President, Hon. Rose Laarni L. Ortega. Dr. Nimrod F. Bantigue. PTCA President and Private Secretary to the Municipal Mayor, Mr. Melgar G. Fadriquelan. Department Heads. Educators, Faculty Members, Non-Academic Personnel. Parents of the Graduating Class Members of the Graduating Class. Guests. Ladies and Gentlemen.

I would like to wish you all a pleasant evening.

It is a great honor to stand before you this evening. I never ever imagined that I would be in this post to share few thoughts with you. Thank you so much for letting me back here.

As I remember my days here in this school, I could not help but to smile. This is the place where I begin to dream big. The place I first drew my future plans – in the clouds. I know, I have nothing much to say.

Almost everybody I came across with, told me that luck is my bedfellow because I gone to far beyond what I should be. They are not entirely right. Before everything I have today, I gone through hardships and pain before.

I am expressing my gratitude to all my mentors for showing me the way of becoming a good person. Without them, I would not be, perhaps, able to stand where I am and live for what I am now. READ MORE

Carrying the burdens as alumni association officers
Message from the AAMNHSAA Vice-President

We are entrusted with great task and responsibility that must be discharged in the post we are in to. The success of AAMNHSAA relies fully on our shoulders for we are designated as architects of it. We have a very special calling because we are chosen to perform a much dignified role considering that we are the key players and watchmen that see the best for the association, our Alma Mater, ourselves and even our community. READ MORE

Vice-President, Batch 1995